Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)

A datacenter virtualized is also called a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). In a Virtualized Datacenter all components of the datacenter: servers, security, network and storage are virtualized and delivered as a service. The management layer is abstracted from the hardware layer, and the administrator can manage the whole datacenter from a single software console.

There are numerous benefits of datacenter virtualization, transforming a traditional datacenter requires several categorized and distinct virtualization initiatives before moving to the final objective of a SDDC. All servers in the datacenter need to be virtualized. The number of servers and their locations also need to be masked in order to provide a seamless interface and increase uniform usage of resources.  Masking prevents selective utilization based on user choices.

Bandwidth of network needs to be alienated into multiple channels to warrant adequate bandwidth to each server, and also to be able to vigorously allocate varying bandwidths based on utilization. Storage needs to be fused and virtualized into one single storage pool for the users, which ensures better utilization of all storage devices in the datacenter.

At Leon Technologies we start with an assessment to classify and detail all the devices and technologies implemented in the datacenter. This assessment is utilized to plan the roadmap to a Software Defined Datacenter.  We identify technology maturity levels, steps to be taken for virtualization readiness, recommendation of technologies,vendors, processes and costs. A project plan is drawn up with timelines and a detailed implementation ensuring timelines and technology goals are met.