Best-in-class. Professional-grade.

This device offers delightful and unified desktop collaboration at a price that is affordable for everyone. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen that is fully touch-based —like your smartphone—to make everything easier. You can also seamlessly transition between PC or Mac view on the device display to voice or video communications. You can also use the device display as your monitor when you are not in video meetings. If you’d like, you can plug in a USB wideband audio handset, or use a Bluetooth headset with a dongle or a USB headset for added privacy.

Users can seamlessly share content from a PC or Mac while in a video call. Maintain eye contact and focus both on content and people during meetings. Eliminates background noise for non-private work areas so you only hear what you see.

These systems have been designed to deploy simply and effectively, enabling the end user to be up and running from box to call in a matter a few minutes.