Enterprise computing

Enterprise computing, an umbrella term used mostly to sell business systems development products, traditionally refers to the mission-critical systems on which a business depends. It almost always includes a database. The word “enterprise” most certainly does not communicate or represent a determinate content, an identifiable meaning, or a describable value. Nowadays almost all the technology product aimed at the business customer are marketed with the tag – the buzzword “enterprise”.

Enterprise Computing Solutions enable your organization to keep pace with challenging real-time demands of server and storage capacity, management and administration. We employ a wide range of service models from traditional enterprise computing services to Platform as a Service (PaaS) with a choice of on-site and remote infrastructure resource delivery. Our flexible, end-to-end management solutions improve efficiency, leverage economies of scale, offer the right-shore delivery to reduce costs, and enable higher service performance levels and reliability.

With most companies spending up to 75 percent of their IT budget just maintaining their IT environment and with capital and operating costs growing exponentially each year, Leon provides innovative, cost saving outsourcing alternatives that allow for continuous innovation and enabling your organization to do more with less.