Audio and Video

Audio is an electrical or other representation of sound .Voice conferencing is one of the most critical elements of group communication. Excellent voice quality is essential for both voice-only calls and visual communication environments, ensuring that everyone can clearly hear and be heard to improve productivity and deliver a seamless, natural communications experience.

Leon has the widest variety of voice conferencing solutions to meet the needs of any environment:

• Private offices and small meeting rooms

• Conference rooms and board rooms

• Large training facilities and classrooms seating hundreds of participants

Video Management System

To help the entire organization be smarter, more responsive, and more agile, you need simple tools that help you capture what they know and share that information with others. You also need the flexibility to access the information you need on your preferred device without losing valuable time with fruitless searching.

Leon Video Content Management lets you capture video content with easy push-button workflows for any situation. Then you can access that content just as easily on-demand from any location. The technology seemingly disappears, because it works every time, in any place.

Leon Video Content Management solutions help you manage your company’s valuable video library and deliver archived content on-demand to users in any video environment.

What results is a video collaboration culture driven by people who rapidly transform sharing and accessing knowledge into a competitive advantage.

• Training departments can capture instructors presentations, slides, and Q/A sessions for training on-demand

• Employees can take video-based training and video-triggered testing from their preferred mobile device, which leads to track able training and compliance records

• Project teams can record and publish a multipoint video conference meeting for colleagues who couldn’t attend

• Corporate communications departments can stream executive webcasts live to thousands, or publish and syndicate recorded video content to dispersed digital signage

• Field sales reps can use a single mobile device to manage their email, attend video conferences, view live streaming webcasts and access their organization’s complete video library from their preferred device